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The Dull Surprise, by Blue Sleighty © January 1, 2005 MY SECRET OBSESSION
I My heart leapt with a sudden rush, and a big smile lit my face as I anticipated my new girlfriend, Joie’s, return from Louisiana. She had been visiting her mother in Lafayette where all of her family had lived for many generations. I love Louisiana. I like the whole laid back attitude. The relaxed approach to life was more accepting and less stressful. And that was one of the things that I liked about Joie and the others in her large, good-naturedly-rowdy, family. There were nine siblings born to her mother, who raised them all by herself. All but Joie and her older sister remained in Lafayette surrounded by the love and care of their tight knit and supportive relatives. They were so laid back, though. that there were times when I thought that if they were any slower, they would be in reverse. And, although in no hurry, Joie was a perfectionist, very fastidious and sharp as a tack. She expected no less than top performance from everyone at all times. On this subject, we occasionally butted heads. I had a tendency to over perform, and then slack on my profits.

I had met Joie at a neighborhood lesbian bar, where I had been going on occasion for many years. Though our initial attraction was purely physical, I had grown very fond of Joie very fast. We had an intense and doubtful start, really. But, it was not long before our relationship firmed up and we realized our mutual interests, and soon we were together as much as life would allow. I don’t know what I fell in love with first- her androgynous great looks, with shining jet black hair and eyes, or her intelligent, quick wit. She was funny as hell, and did outrageous things. And she liked to wear hats. A panama in the summer, and a fedora in the winter. She pulled it off beautifully, because she was the perfect build, and pretty enough. Tall and thin, with chiseled features. Large, dark deep set eyes, and full, soft lips surrounded by jet black hair, that chose to fall in ringlets, when it had its way.

Joie and I had a powerful electric current arching between us. Our attraction to each other and our appetite for sex kept us in a constant state of arousal, it seemed. When Joie crossed my mind, which was often, the excitement that shocked through often left me wet with desire for her. My active mind fought off intruding graphic images of sex with Joie- flashes of scenes from nights gone by, filled with intense pleasure and breathtaking passion. I could feel her touch, if I concentrated. I had to fight off the urge to indulge myself in the distraction. I fought to stay focused.

We were obsessed. The more sex we had together, the more we wanted- until soon, life’s focus seemed to be our sexual desire for each other, and how to find time to have more of it. Every other responsibility seemed a resented intrusion on our private time together. We even scheduled our sleep to include sex before work, and after work. We just couldn’t get enough of each other.

Our adventures in sexual pleasure grew to include, among many other things, a mutual love for strap on sex. Something that I had been very surprised to find that I enjoyed so much, before I ever met Joie. Discovering that this was a sexual interest that we shared made me very happy, because I had become doubtful that I would ever meet anyone else that liked strap on sex. Lucky for me, Joie’s positive attitude and curious nature did not stop short before her sex life. She was a wonderful and receptive lover and she was always ready to try something new.

Joie called me before she left Louisiana and asked me to meet her at “our” bar. She expected to arrive back in town and at the bar, by 9:00 P.M. I couldn’t wait to see her.

At 9:00, Joie’s truck was in the parking lot of the G Spot, and I rolled my little Mazda up into an open parking space right beside hers. It was December in Texas, and at that time it was cold- though subject to change without warning, as always, in Texas. I hurried to get inside out of the chilling air.

I pushed open the swinging door at the front of the club. When my eyes caught sight of Joie, my face broke out into an involuntary smile, my cheeks dimpling deeply. I joined her at the bar, sitting at the chair that she saved for me, I’m sure with a certain amount of difficulty. Joie was very attractive, and approachable. She was dressed in a smooth, grey wool business suit, and she still had her coat on over it. Her shiny black ringlets were pulled back and tied loosely with a leather band. Whispy bangs accentuated the arch of her brows above beautifully sculpted cheekbones, and large deep set eyes. She had on shiny lace up oxblood spectators and suspenders, I was sure, under her jacket. I was wearing a lime green angora sweater, a short black, wool skirt, and black opaque tights. My black leather boots came up to my knees, making me look even taller and thinner, and my long black jacket contrasted with my shoulder length golden hair, and almost covered my skirt. Our reunion struck intense emotion which we repressed out of civility, even in a lesbian bar, but intensifying the heat that burned within us after days of separation. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I could see my own lust reflected in Joie’s shining black almonds, and something else. Deep feelings which we were afraid to empower by labeling with words. No one was ready to say it yet. Big smiles, with faces very close, but no kiss. Not right now. Neither of us liked to draw that much attention.

“You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman……………..” Aretha Franklin was singing it from the jukebox. Joie slipped down from her perch on her barstool. She pulled me along with her, out to the dancefloor. I rolled my eyes at her corniness, secretly loving it. My spirits were soaring. The next song was also written by Carole King. Someone was playing some really old tunes.

Way over yonder is a place that I know

Where I can find shelter from hunger and cold

And the sweet tasting good life is easily found

Way over yonder – that’s where I’m bound

Joie and I danced beautifully together. I was so glad she was back home. We slid around the dancefloor in perfect step, correctly anticipating each other’s every move. Our eyes enjoyed the sight of each other, and our arms enjoyed the familiar feel of each other’s slim frames. Joie was taller than me.

“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, was the next song. We danced slowly together, moving closer, until our bodies were pressed tightly together. As I brushed against Joie subtlely, I felt a hard, bulge in her trousers as it pressed against my lower pelvis. I gasped as I realized what it was. My skirt was short, and the top of my thigh brushed again across the firmness of the firm strap on cock beneath her loose wool trousers. My cunt throbbed with sudden engorgement, as my blood rushed to it. Joie was packing. My look of surprise must have been hilarious.

But, Joie was not smiling as she looked with smoldering intensity into my eyes. Her pupils were so large that I could hardly see her irises. And her breathing was noticably hard and deep. I dared to push my pubis against Joie’s package. Joie moved one hand down to my buttock, and pulled me towards her, as she thrust her hips forward grinding the mound she concealed against my sensitive pubis. She grinned a little before releasing her grip. I looked around to see if anyone noticed. No one appeared to be watching us.

I wondered if Joie could feel my heart pounding. Joie was an amazing and imaginative lover. Very confident and brave. Being with her was thrilling.

“I thought I could tease you, Blue. That was the plan, but, I was wrong. It’s kind of……..AGONY.” She rolled her eyes a little, and smiled, holding back laughter behind a flashy white, straight smile. “I’m probably more excited than you are. It feels like I’m about to explode.” She breathed in sharply and kissed me briefly, breathing, “I want you, baby. We’re going to have to find a place to be alone,” into my ear. Joie whispered into my ear what she intended to do to me, once we were alone. We were still on the dance floor. And, as I listened to her filthy words, I was barely able to control myself. I was on fire. And her breath in my ear sent shivers down my spine. “You like my little surprise, Blue?” Joie bit my earlobe HARD. I winced, but closed my eyes tightly, catching my breath as the pain turned into spreading warmth.

I nodded into her chest, burying my face against her in mock shame. My blood raced through my veins.

The way Joie was dressed, in a business suit, with an over coat, added a lot to the erotic element of our teasing little game. I loved the androgynous look of Joie. Beautiful, but damned handsome. And I knew that under her clothes she looked hot as hell with that cock strapped to her. Her dark features and thin muscular body complimented with chrome and dark surly leather was a work of art. The leather straps of the harness framed her round muscular ass and I could feel them under her clothes as I imagined how they looked. I loved to see her strong back arching to pump her hips forward when she fucked me. I imagined her on top of me, our bodies slightly damp with sweat, my legs wide apart, and drawn back, and Joie ramming our toy into me. Delicious scenes from our nights of sex played back in my mind.

The club was almost empty, because it was a week night, and not a holiday. Racine, the bartender, due to lack of customers, was taking advantage of the slack time, and was busy cutting fruit, preparing fruit juices and wiping down wine glasses that hung from racks above the bar, making herself three steps closer to out of there, when the clock said two. A cute little brunette, with short hair and a bare midriff waited for Racine to get off work. Occasionally Racine would stop what she was doing to pay some attention to the lady who was waiting. They would, no doubt, be visiting The Allen Park Inn, tonight, I thought to myself with a smile. Racine’s roommate was straight, and she couldn’t take women home. So when Racine wanted to spend the night with someone, she rented a room. They hardly noticed that Joie and I existed. A few other scattered customers sat together chatting, or sat engrossed in television, and munching on peanuts.

The bar in the rear of the club was not being used. On busy nights both bars were open. Mostly on weekends. It was closed, now. The lights were out back there and all of the customers were sitting at the front bar, where Racine and her girl of the moment awaited closing time. There were no customers sitting at any of the tables. I think we were starting to formulate a plan.

At the dark end of the street….played from the speakers overhead. We held each other on the dance floor, leaning back slightly. “You know, Blue, there’s a bathroom over by the back bar.” Joie nodded towards it, and grinned.

“Baby,” I frowned, “that would be awfully tacky.”

I protested, but, my mind played with the possibilities, and rationalization was easy with my cunt throbbing between my thighs. Soon it seemed like a great idea. “I’ll meet you. You go first.” I giggled, and Joie turned on her heels, in an instant. I watched Joie as she walked along the wall, mostly out of view trying not to attract any attention. I was standing close to the jukebox, so I put a dollar bill in it and made a show of searching for a few good songs. I played “Crazy Love”, “Have a Little Faith in Me”, and “Sexual Healing”. And, then, I walked towards the front bathroom, but, then took a sneaky turn down the wall once out of view, and eased quietly into the secluded far rear bathroom where Joie waited for me.

Joie grinned. She had brought two chairs in from the foyer that they kept for people who were on the phones, which were just outside a door that swung in, separating the foyer from the bathroom stalls. She slipped one chair under the door knob, to bar the main entry door, and, the other chair, well- I’m pretty sure I knew what she had in mind, and I could hardly wait.

“Damn, Joie. Good work!” I whispered. Joie turned to face me, and I slid my arms around her waist. My boots brought me closer to Joie’s height, and as my lips sought hers, her kiss was warm and soft and I had been waiting a long time to taste its sweetness. My lips parted, and her tongue met mine. Then, I was burning. My body ached for her to fuck me. Our kiss became hungry and frantic.

“Oh, Joie,” I gasped, as I pulled sharply from her embrace. I unbuttoned her heavy coat, and drew it back, revealing her jacket. I unbuttoned it, too, exposing the front of her pants. There was a large bulge there, and I was ready for what was underneath her fly. I found her zipper, and unzipped her trousers. The big dildo was freed, protruding through her fly in an obscene and intensely erotic way. Joie’s hand reached into her pocket, pulling out a lubricated condom. I wasn’t so sure I needed more lubrication.

Joie pulled up the hem of my skirt, and put her hand between my legs. “You have on tights, Baby. Those are in the way.” Joie fished into her pocket, and pulled out a pocketknife. She was always prepared.

“I didn’t have any idea that you were planning anything so adventurous, Baby, or I would have dressed for it” I laughed.

“Oh. I think it will be O.K.” Joie opened her pocket knife, and motioned for me to sit on the sturdy marble sink. I hopped up, spreading my legs wide. Joie pushed the sharp blade through the spandex, protecting my flesh from the sharp steel with her thumb. She kissed me, as she ripped the crotch out of my tights. I had not worn panties under them. Joie pushed the condom into my hand.

Just for the visual effect, I got down on my knees in front of her. Joie looked down at me as I knelt in front of her. She slipped her leather suspenders over each shoulder and unbuttoned her pants, letting the loose fitting trousers fall slightly down around the tops of her muscular thighs. I tore the condom out of it’s package, and placed it over the end of the blunt head of Joie’s big dildo. Then, I rolled it down the shaft, all the way to where the cock was held securely in the harness by a ring in the front panel. I could see black curly hair peeking from behind black leather. Lower, I could see her labia between straps of black, and wetness dampening the hair and flesh. I slipped my finger behind the harness and found Joie’s wetness. Slick with her juices I found her clit and stroked it lightly. I could smell her salty scent. I fought the urge to lick my fingers. I had tasted her many times before, when I licked her clit and I loved her sweet juices. But, I wasn’t sure how she would take such a graphic visual. I rose, and found Joie’s mouth with my own, locking in a passionate kiss and still rubbing her excited pussy behind the base of her thick dildo with my hand extending down between her legs.

Joie reached for the remaining chair and placed it against the vanity. She sat down with her hips pushed slightly forward and her buttocks almost to the edge of the chair, and knees together, to make it easier for me to straddle her and to allow for a better angle of penetration as I swung a leg over her. Joie grasped the shaft of the dildo and guided it through the large hole that she had sliced through the crotch of my tights, (which was big enough not to interfere) with one hand, and guided it into my cunt, as I lowered myself down onto the thick hard shaft. It was all so lewd. But, with such a willing and creative partner I found myself engaging in acts that that were much wilder than my fantasies ever were.

I sighed heavily as the big, thick shaft penetrated my tight pussy filling me up to the hilt. I rested there a moment letting my cunt adjust to the size of the cock that I wanted so badly inside of me. With Joie sitting this way, all I had to do was lean towards her, and move my hips forward and back to slide the long member against my clit as it slipped in and out of my wet, gripping cunt hole. Joie bent forward and kissed me as we fucked urgently. She slipped her fingers behind the base of the dildo and found her own clit, adding more stimulation.

It felt so good I didn’t want it to end. But, I knew we shouldn’t linger for fear of being caiught. Joie pinched my nipple through my soft sweater. She rubbed her hand over the finely knitted angora, enjoying the softness. I looked into Joie’s eyes and smiled, as I rode the dildo strapped to her pelvis. I was ready to come. I pinched Joie’s nipple in retaliation, hard. Joie closed her eyes and shuddered, as she started coming. She gasped, and the the sound of her passion escalated my own until I, too, was shuddering with my climax. We rocked together, Joie’s thighs squeezing her clit as it throbbed with drumming pulse, slowing as we regained our composure.

“Mmm” I cleared my throat. Joie fought to open her eyes. And groaned, as I rose from her lap. She grimaced. I’m sure her thighs were in agony from supporting my vigoruous ride.

“Let’s go home, Baby.” By home, I meant my place. We never went to Joie’s because she lived with her sister. We straightened our clothes, and Joie unstrapped her dildo. She tidied it up a bit and placed it in an inner pocket of her heavy coat.

We emerged from the bathroom less concerned with discretion. The women at the bar cheered us, as we strode towards the exit arm and arm. We hadn’t been as sneaky as we thought, apparently. We looked at each other, grinning, faces hot with our blush


I was in my early 50’s and had been working for a couple of years with a
Counselling/Social Services organisation in my home town of Byron Bay in
northern New South Wales (NSW), Australia. One of the women who worked in
the same organisation was Claudia, also in her early 50’s. Claudia was the
reception person. She was very Italian looking. Her family of origin had
emigrated from Italy, though Claudia herself was a true blue Aussie, having
been born here. She had an Aussie accent and was a very happy person. Great
on the front desk. Always smiling and gentle with our fragile clients.
Claudia was efficient and nothing seemed to much trouble to her.

Claudia’s hair was black, she was small and petite – only about 5 ft 4
inches tall, with small breasts and, I often noticed, a bum to die for –
especially when she came in wearing tight slacks that hugged her bum cheeks.
I noticed that she mostly wore a thong – sometimes the top of it was on show
when she bent over a filing cabinet. Though, other times she wore ordinary
panties and I loved looking at her panty line and the colour that peeked out
at her waist at the back. I often fantasied what she looked like naked. I
imagined her pubic hair to be as black as that on her head and her eyebrows
(do you know that eyebrows are a good indicator of the colour and texture of
a woman’s pubic hair?). I was always looking and imagining. Sometimes I got
a half view of Claudia’s lovely petite breasts when she bent forward wearing
a revealing top or blouse. I lusted after the view of her small bra and all
it contained – the soft, white area of her breasts above the bra line and
the cleft. I longed to cup her breasts and see and feel her nipples.

Being a friendly open person, I soon became close friends with Claudia. I
learnt she lived with her teenage daughter and had been divorced for ten
years. We started taking our lunch breaks together. Then we hooked up
sometimes for a girl’s night out at the local Irish pub or a wine bar or the
famous Beach Hotel in Byron Bay, which regularly had some good live music
on. Claudia and I shared a lot of common interests and tastes in music, art
and our political views (very left-wing).

Anyway, to get to the heart of this story, Claudia and I had started
discussing our sexual preferences and journeys. I told her I was lesbian and
Claudia asked me about some of my sexual experiences. She told me that
though she had had sex with a number of men since her marriage break-up, she
had had one lesbian experience a couple of years before and liked it. It was
only with one woman over a long weekend who was a visitor from overseas. We
get a lot of them in Byron Bay. But the experience had left Claudia thinking
that sex with the right woman – one she felt attracted to and was compatible
in other ways besides sex – was something she might like to go for. Claudia
had not had sex with a man since her one-off lesbian weekend.

The conversation didn’t go any further that night. We were talking in a
little wine bar and the wine had certainly loosened up both of us to losing
our inhibitions. Claudia, in particular, is not a good one with alcohol. Two
wines and she’s anybody’s! Before the night ended and we parted company,
Claudia invited me to spend the day with her that coming Sunday. We had
talked about gardening and she had a number of plants she wanted to put in
her garden and would appreciate the help.

I had nothing to do that Sunday, and given my sexual attraction to Claudia,
which I hadn’t yet told her about, I was very happy to accept her

The Sunday was a beautiful sunny spring day. I came around about 10am and we
had a coffee, then started on the garden. I discovered to my delight that
Claudia’s teenage daughter was away at her father’s place for a few days. So
Claudia was alone at home. We worked in the garden until about 3pm, getting
hot and sweaty, but making the garden look really nice.

Claudia invited me to stay for tea. I hadn’t thought about a change of
clothes and was dressed in a pair of cut-off shorts and tee-shirt, which,
along with my panties and bra were now soaked in sweat and I looked pretty
grubby. Claudia was dressed much the same and she said we should shower and
she could lend me a sarong (her clothes wouldn’t fit me, her being such a
small build). I got excited thinking I’m about to see her naked! But to my
disappointment, Claudia ushered me into her downstairs bathroom, just off
the garage, handed me a sarong and disappeared. So I peeled off my grubby
clothes, showered, shampooed my hair, dried myself on one of her big fluffy
towels and wrapped the sarong around my body. By the time I got upstairs,
Claudia had also showered in her ensuite bathroom and was dressed in a

We sat down with a glass of wine on the sofa. After conversations about the
garden and other stuff, Claudia asked me more about my lesbian life-style
and talked again about how much she had enjoyed her one-off lesbian weekend.
I thought it was time to push the boundaries a bit. She was onto her second
glass of wine, so like me, loosened up, when I said,

“Are you hinting to me, Claudia, that you wouldn’t mind trying sex with a
woman again?”

She went red with embarrassment. Claudia can be quite shy, though, as I was
to find out, when she let’s go, she really lets go! She stared into her wine

I waited for about 30 seconds, then said: “Would you like to have sex with

Claudia looked at me startled. She grinned sheepishly. “I can’t say I
haven’t thought about it, Janet. I mean, I do find you very attractive. But
I’m really not sure. I mean, we work together.”

This started a conversation around the pros and cons of being in a sexual
relationship with someone you work with. We sorted out that neither of us
wanted to set-up house with the other. We agreed that we could manage to
return to a ‘normal’ working relationship if either of us decided to end the
sexual contact. but Claudia still hesitated.

Finally, I said, “well, why don’t we give one another a non-sexual full-body
massage, promising not to touch one another sexually, and see how we then
feel?” I knew this to be rubbish. I couldn’t imagine us doing that without
getting sexually aroused. But Claudia agreed. In fact, I discovered that she
had a massage table. She set it up in the lounge room.

“You go first,” she said softly.

I needed no second invitation. I’m used to being naked in front of people as
I regularly model naked for my art group. I stripped off my sarong and lay
naked, on my tummy on the massage table. I imagined Claudia looking closely
at my naked bottom and I could hear her breathing in short breaths. Then I
felt her oiled hands on my upper back and neck. Hey, she was a good masseur!
I loved the way she loosened up my neck and back muscles. And she worked
expertly down my body. I was getting quite aroused as her hands worked my
buttock cheeks and I was aware that she occasionally pulled them apart and
I’m sure she was taking advantage of having a peek at my anus. But she never
put her fingers into my bum crack. Nor did she let her fingers stray too
close to my pussy as she worked on my upper thighs, even though I opened my
legs. I knew what she could see because my pubic hair is mostly shaved and
all of my vagina would have been visible to her. AND I was aware of my
wetness. She must have smelt my arousal.

After a quick massage of my feet – and she would have been looking straight
up between my legs, Claudia whispered, “Roll over.”

I turned onto my back and kept my eyes closed. This time I moaned as she
massaged my face and neck, then my breasts which are larger than hers. Oh,
god! I was so wet! My nipples hardened and it took all my self-control not
to reach out for her body that at times I could feel pressed up against
mine. Claudia avoided my pubic area. She massaged my legs, then stopped.

I opened my eyes. She was standing next to me and looked so aroused. Her
face was flushed and she was shaking. I put my legs over the side of the
massage table and stood up facing her, naked and glistening with her
beautifully scented oil.

“I looked into Claudia’s eyes. “Your turn, sweetheart,” I said.

Claudia dropped her sarong to the floor. I took in my first sight of her
small but very perky breasts with large dark brown areola and nipples. My
eyes dropped lower. Damn! She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties and
in them, she climbed up onto the massage table face down. I never said
anything but, with oil on my hands, I started massaging at her neck and
shoulders. it was so lovely to finally feel this woman’s sexy and petite
body under my hands. I worked down her back to the top of her panties. Then,
saying nothing, I simply rolled them down slowly, exposing her beautiful,
small, tight bare bottom to my gaze. I massaged her bottom cheeks while
leaving the panties hugging the top of her thighs and hiding her pussy from
my view. I decided to go at a slow pace. Mind you, I did, like her, pull
apart her bottom cheeks and set my eyes on her small, clean, brown anus. I
was so tempted to tease it with my oil-soaked finger, but resisted the
temptation (for now!). I did notice that she had quite a lot of hair around
the base of her bottom crack.

I didn’t get any further with the massage, for Claudia suddenly moaned
loudly, turned herself over and with tears on her cheeks, reached up for me
and panted, “Please, Janet, touch me, make love to me! I want to so much!”
She reached up and put her hands around my neck. I scooped her small body up
into my arms and, with panties, falling down her legs, I carried her into
her bedroom and dropped her onto her bed.

Claudia frantically pulled her panties off her legs. I was standing next to
her naked. She reached up for me. “Please, please, fuck me!” she cried out.

My surprise was to see how much pubic hair Claudia had. Sure it was black.
And a full bush that completely hid her lips from view.

I reached over to kiss her lips. Claudia opened her mouth eagerly and pulled
me down onto the bed. We kissed passionately and, as her tongue played with
mine and her wet lips slid over mine and she gently bit me, at the same
time, her hand grabbed my wrist and guided my hand onto her full bush. I ran
my fingers through her pubic hair and Claudia opened her legs wide. Still
with lips locked together and laying side by side on the double bed, my
fingers found her dripping wet slit and slid in with ease. Two fingers
straight off! Claudia groaned and lifted her hips up to meet my probing
fingers. I finger fucked her furiously. She lay back, sweating and groaning,
her legs spread wide and her body moving up and down with my rhythm. After
several minutes and with my fingers soaked with her juices, Claudia started
to shake and squeeze her legs together, but I kept pumping my fingers. Her
juices ran over my fingers and over her spread wide thighs. She kissed me
with passion. Her face and neck were crimson as she orgasmed.

Finally she pulled my hand away. She couldn’t take anymore.

We continued to kiss passionately. I kissed her neck and ears and slid down
to grasp in my hand and then kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. They
were all I had dreamed of. Small and firm and with nipples that grew hard
and pointy.

We slowed down and took in one another’s bodies. Slowly exploring and
touching and carressing. Claudia looked me over and started to carress my
breasts. I lay on my back and she sat up next to me and looked and touched.
She suckled my boobs and stroked my erect nipples. She ran her hand in
wonder over my almost shaved pussy. Then she cautiously slid her finger up
and down my slit.

“Put them inside,” I whispered. Claudia parted my outer lips and pulled my
inner lips apart and leaned down to look at everything I had to offer. Then
she slid one, then two, and finally three fingers into me.

“Yes! fuck me, Claudia!” I commanded.

She did and quickly brought me to a climax. I was so on the edge.

We softly kissed one another and then, pulling a sheet up over us, we dosed
off for about an hour.

We woke and got up and went naked, hand in hand, into her lounge room. We
sat naked together on the lounge and talked in imtimate details about our
bodies and our sexual preferences. After another glass of wine we ordered a
take-away pizza, Claudia wrapping her sarong around herself to collect it
when the guy arrived with it at the door. If only he could have known what
was going on inside. We ate and talked more.

Then we started kissing again. Claudia asked me to stay overnight, even
though it would mean me driving home very early the next morning to change
into my work clothes. I agreed.

We slept together for the first time. Before we slept, I went down on
Claudia, parting gently her massive hairy bush and licking her most imtimate
parts. She tasted salty and sharp following our earlier workout.

Then we slept.

At 5am Monday morning, Claudia woke me when I felt her tongue licking up and
down my cunt. She marvelled at my lack of hair and said that, though she
preferred to let hers grow,she loved the look and feel of mine. We ended up
in our first 69.

I showered at Claudia’s place, then dressed in her sarong, drove home (only
ten minutes away) to get ready for work and have some breakfast.

We both met later at work and pretended nothing had happened. But at lunch
time, in the store room, we kissed and slipped our hands up one another’s
skirts, under our panties and finger-fucked one another! We were so in lust!
I love those days of an early relationship.

Claudia and I stayed together sexually for over a year. At her request, we
kept the relationship secret. But we had a number of sexually charged
weekends, mostly at my place and occasionally we treated ourselves to a
dirty weekend away at a luxury hotel in Brisbane and not only enjoyed one
another’s bodies, but also visiting the Queensland art galleries.

We also had one fantastic weekend at the SALT resort near Kingscliffe, north
of Byron Bay. Maybe I should write my next story about that weekend, because
then we, for the first time, used sex toys and anal penetration.

But that’s enough for now. I hope all you women out there are now wet and

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Nothing like a hot young bottom boy’s ass draining your balls. I’m a regular visitor to the gay bathhouse in my hometown. It’s busy enough on weekends, but weeknight cruising is always a bit chancy. I hit paydirt one night though. The place was practically empty, just me and a couple older guys who were cruising me. I’m almost 40, but I have a body that looks a good ten years younger. I spend a lot of time at the gym. Having an eight inch cock doesn’t hurt either. I’d be traveling for work for over a week and hadn’t had five spare minutes to jack off, let alone fuck any ass. The night I was back in town I hit the bathhouse, hoping that at least one guy with a decent body and serviceable ass would be on the premises. For almost an hour, it looked like I was going to have to choose between Older Dude A and Older Dude B, both of whom looked like they’d been taking it up the ass for years. I was just about to make my move on the better looking of the two, when the twink showed up.

Even on busy weekends, guys like this were a rarity at the baths. The kid was not just cute, he was gorgeous. Short, toned, equally parts smooth and tan. His towel covered what looked like a decent sized dick. But it was his bubble butt I was interested in. You could tell blondie was a newbie. He practically jumped out of his skin as the two older guys tried hard to cruise him. I patiently waited against the door outside my private room. This kid was going to notice me sooner or later.

When he finally rounded the corner on my end of the hall (2 older dudes close behind) and turned to make small talk with him. Of course the oldsters lurked nearby, probably hoping I’d scare him away so they could get a nice piece of young meat up the ass. When one of them brazenly approached the twink, I told him to fuck off and then opened the door to my cubicle. “We can talk in here,” I said, “where no one will bother you.” I pulled the cutie into the room and made sure the two guys I was leaving out in the hall saw my smile as I closed the door. Leeches, I thought. They’re probably already pinned to the other side of the door so they can hear everything.

I dropped my towel and smiled as the young blond gawked at my tool. I walked over and began to kiss him; softly at first, then deeply. I wanted him to relax. I let my hands down so I could undo his towel. Both naked, I ground my hard body against his. It was like dry-fucking a buttery leather chair. He was that soft and smooth. I sat the kid on the cot and took him to the balls. Like most guys, he really got into the way I give head. I got him close a few times, but didn’t want him to cum. Keep a guy on the edge and their likely to go along with whatever you throw their way.

I flipped him onto his belly and climbed on top, giving his naked body a nice relaxing rub down. I kissed my way down his back and kneaded his hot ass cheeks. I pulled them apart and blew a little warm breath on his hole. When I started to rim him, he responded like a dog in heat. The kid was squirming and moaning like a slut in heat, his tight pink slot twitching against my tongue. “You like this, huh? You need something up that ass?” I licked one of my fingers and began to push it inside his asshole. I applied a little pressure where it counted and enjoyed the high pitched gasp of pleasure my little slut let out. “Need something more?” I asked, gently sliding a second finger into his snug ass. “You need to be fucked, don’t you?” He turned his head to face me and our eyes met. He didn’t say a word. I asked him again, slowly twisting my fingers inside him. He nodded. He wanted it up the ass.

I reached for the big bottle of lube and greased him up, adding a like amount of lube to my tool. I pulled blondie up on all fours and started to sink my tool into his hole. I think he’d been fucked before, but that ass was plenty tight. “Jesus, your ass is awesome! What a sweet little pussy!” Inch by inch I buried my cock, watching the young slut’s eyes grow wider as my thick shaft opened him up. I reached down and tweaked one of his nipples, which sent that ass into a tailspin. After waiting so long to cum, I couldn’t hold back for long; I quickly filled him up with a week’s worth of hot sperm.

My dick was still hard, so I kept fucking him. I knew I could shoot again if he let me nail him for awhile. I tried him out in every position, pushing him onto his stomach and pounding him hard from above, flipping him over and making him ride my tool and then tossing him on his back, with his legs over my shoulders so I could make the long deep thrusts needed to drain my balls a second time. At first I wasn’t sure I could cum again, but when the twink popped himself, his ass milked another load right out of me.

I think he was a little shocked to see how cum-filled his ass was after me fucking him. When I opened the door to take off, some new guy was hanging around, eavesdropping on the sounds of our fucking. I asked him if he liked to eat out a freshly fucked young hole and his eyes lit up. I took off as he was letting himself into the room where the blond kid was waiting. Fucking hot to think of some other guys tonguing my cum out of that young guy’s ass!

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